JEC Basic Sentence Data

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X : a noun phrase or a clause
~: quotation
    (NOTE: except those between numerals, such as 「2~3」)


  日: Xではないかとつくづく疑問に思う
  英: I often wonder if it might be X.
  中: 难道不会是X吗,我实在是感到怀疑。
  日: 私はXを視野にしっかり入れています
  英: I put more focus on X.
  中: 我非常重视X。
  日: 彼がレストランで昼食をとる
  英: He eats lunch at a restaurant.
  中: 他在餐馆吃午饭。


Kurohashi-Kawahara Lab. has the copyright of Japanese Basic Sentence Data, and NICT MASTAR Project, Multilingual Translation Lab. has the copyright of English and Chinese Basic Sentence Data. You can use all the data under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


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