Driving Domain QA Datasets

The Driving Domain QA (Question Answering) Datasets were constructed based on driving domain blog posts published on the web. They consist of a Predicate-Argument Structure QA (PAS-QA) dataset and a Reading Comprehension QA (RC-QA) dataset. We constructed a PAS-QA dataset in which a question asks an omitted argument for a predicate. We made 12,468 problems for the ga case (nominative), 3,151 problems for the wo case (accusative) and 1,069 problems for the ni case (dative). We also constructed an RC-QA dataset that consist of 20,007 problems. Each problem consist of a document, a question and an answer that is a span in the document. We constructed the PAS-QA and RC-QA datasets with crowdsourcing because it enabled to create large-scale datasets in a short time. The data format of these QA datasets is the same as SQuAD 2.0. As for the PAS-QA nominative dataset and the RC-QA dataset, every problem has an answer in a document. However, as for the PAS-QA accusative and dative datasets, some problems cannot be answered because there is no answer in a document. Please refer to the references for how to construct these datasets and how to make problems with no answers. Examples of the Driving Domain QA Datasets are shown below.


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If you have any questions or problems about these datasets, please send an email to nl-resource at nlp.ist.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp. If you have a request to add source information or to delete a document in the datasets, please send an email to this mail address.